TwoDaysToDance is not a physical location, it is a state. Presence space.

A dance can't be done on purpose. But we can take enough time and create a void space without estimates and expectations. And maybe a dance will happen in this void.

At the 2days2dance we create space for long dance, without master classes.
Just imagine, 20 hours is like 10 days of two-hours jams. it's a whole life packed in just two days. Dance journey. Performance.

Of course we are not against master classes. Exercises work, but they will never replace the dance itself.
Dance needs time to grow. A long dance in itself teaches a lot. Learning happens right in the process.
Beyond fatigue, a second breath opens and you find new ways to move and to be.

There won't a fixed schedule. Only some entry into a dance.
You decide how much to dance, when to pause for rest, how much to take in time to warm up. Everyone is present in the position of the author, each creates space with his own attention and movement.

So you know it’s not forever, it will end, and at the same time you have twenty hours ahead in a dance with beautiful people.
This can be described by one phrase: "We dance, we will die."

it is also an occasion to go to another city, another country. Just for two days? it's some kind of madness! And this is beautiful madness!

We are waiting for advanced dancers, teachers and newcomers.

It seems like a good way to meet with a contact improvisation. Although for beginners it can be a challenge, but the challenge is only to come, the rest happens itself.

2DAYS 2DANCE project is 6 years. During this time, more than 40 events occurred in more than 35 cities. And we continue to travel and create this unique
space with you.




before 20 of november 800$

before 5 of december 1000$

after 5 of december 1200$

500 pesos prepaid for registration

(On the video how it was in Russia)



Thank you for registering. We'll contact you soon.