30 oct


18 dek


10 jan



This is a space without classes and expectations. Where, for some reason, people from different parts of the planet gather to dance contact improvisation.

Just 2 days, but 20 hourses of dance.







We have been holding TwoDaysToDance fest for more than 6 years in different parts of the Russia and beyond. This is about 40 events in more than 30 cities.

#2Days2Dance is an extensive project that popularizes contact improvisation, free movement and performance. This is a place for collaborations between musicians, dancers and other artists.

Why are there no classes?
Because freedom is a challenge.
That's the only way a miracle happens.
We want to dance from where we are.
To just “being” it is important don’t rush anywhere. A long dance by itself teaches us a lot.

Why two days?
From the inside, it feels like a whole week-long festival. 20 hours of dance is like 2 hours jams for 10 days. And in fact, this is just a weekend, which means that participants do not even need to take a vacation. This is a bright trip in the middle of everyday life.

Why different cities?
We like to travel. Traveling and dancing is the perfect combination. When we leave our city, something in our head switches, there is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in dance, relax from the usual. This is a way to find new dancing friends and meet old ones. After all, the most interesting attractions in any city are people.

Looking forward to it and preparing for the next TwoDays. See you in the dance!



Once again, I make sure everything comes true, you just need to think about it. The cycle of events started a week before the TwoDays. I lost balance, then found it again, meeting with atypical and unusual for me. I discovered a new self, and TwoDays became a transformational event for me.

Every. The most. Fleeting. Thoughts. Become. Reality. TwoDays was for me one big dance in which I swam, then lavished, then was without movement, and sometimes fell and stuffed bumps.

Insights will be catching up with me long after this event. I'm glad I came. I am glad for every meeting that always happened on time, and always answered the internal request. It was interesting. observe the process of how a couple forms, how two meet and merge in a dance. this always happened on time and always corresponded to certain internal requests.
and yes, everything that happens was part of the process, absolutely honest part of the process.

I've been looking for new, convenient positions in my body all the time. and I had it associated with how I search my life. one of the biggest insight, so simple and so seemingly obvious - the more relaxation, the easier everything. when the body is relaxed, movement just happens. happens perfect and light.



The project has existed since 2015. He initially called on people from the community to travel and dance not only in places with the developed community, but also to come where there are very few dancers.

At the very beginning, the organizers and the musicians sometimes had to come to their own events hitchhiking thousands of kilometers. And we warmly recall those days. It is still accepted that local dancers invite visiting participants to live in their homes for these two days.

2DAYS 2DANCE is not only two-day event. Sometimes it lasted 4 days, and sometimes 10. Sometimes we do workshops and laboratories before or after the event. Sometimes it is wildlife, and sometimes urban jungle of cities.

In 2017, for example, we made a dance trip through 8 cities from the South of Russia to Baikal Lake (this is almost 9000 km). Every week 2DAYS 2DANCE was in a new city, and somebody came to only one event but somebody went with us across half the mainland.

(Here is some videos how it was)